Scholarships can be great things to look for because they make the cost of college much more affordable. You don’t have to pay them back, they can be easy to get and they can cover a significant amount of your tuition. When you apply and get more scholarships, you will find that you need to take out less in student loans.

There are scholarships in an array of different categories including:

– Major
– Ethnicity or race
– Heritage
– Gender
– Need-based
– Military

Some of the scholarships are hard to get because you don’t fall into the specific category. Even if you do fit into the category, there may be hundreds or even thousands of other people applying for the same scholarships – and there may only be one or two offered.

Just because a scholarship is hard to get doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get it. However, it can be more advantageous to work with military friendly colleges who will try to get you as many scholarships as possible. It’s a New Year and that means trying to find new ways to better yourself. You may not need to lose weight or drop any bad habits – but you may want to get that higher education you’ve been talking about.

As active military, you have one thing going for you – you are serving the country. There are various groups and organizations that are military friendly. Many people are looking to help active military with scholarships because you are taking the time to serve your country – and putting your life on the line while you do it.

A scholarship for active duty may be just what you need to get the education you want. If you’ve passed up college opportunities in the past because of cost, you don’t have to any longer. With scholarships, you can get what you need to pay for college. Often, you won’t even need student loans because there are enough scholarships to cover all of your expenses. With the right scholarships, you can cover tuition, lab fees, books and anything else that you need to buy for your classes.

There are many perks with being active duty. You already know that you can flash your military ID all around town and get discounts. You might as well use your status to save on college as well. A scholarship for active duty may be easier to obtain than you think. Once you get approved for it, you can make your resolution come true for the first year.


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