Promoting your brand or products online is not rocket science. However, it can be quite challenging to promote anything online considering the highly competitive market environment. Smaller companies this that online promotion requires hefty investments in Mad Men-style advertising firms. The reality is slightly different. Though money can make a difference, there are plenty of affordable ways to make your brand famous on the Internet. Here is a list of uncomplicated and highly effective online brand promotion methods that will not cost your company a lot of money:

Create Shareable Videos

Video is right now the top trending media type for promotional material on the web as well as on various mobile platforms. Therefore, creating videos is definitely one of the best ways to create brand awareness across the web. Video is considered to be highly effective regardless of the average age of your target audience. Also, the advent of consumer video editing software has made creating video highly affordable as well. Brands should make videos that are easy for the target audience to share, increasing the viral potential.

Invest in High-Quality Promotional Articles

Both search engines and social networks now aim for quality over quantity. Google made several updates to the search engine last year that would make search results highly relevant and also factual. The old school tactics like keyword stuffing no longer work. Facebook is also prioritising posts and links in the best quality category. So, it’s best if local brands hire content marketing agency Melbourne to create top-notch promotional articles. Avoid old SEO tactics and aim for providing information to the audience, not just pitching a business name. You can always call WME Group and they will look after your business.

Promote Articles and Videos on Aggregator Websites

Don’t be too obsessed with sharing links on Facebook and Twitter. More often than not, aggregator sites like Reddit and Digg are ignored. Post your brand’s links and articles on these websites to get largely filter-free likes and shares.

Hire and Influencer to Advertise Your Product

Influencers are social media users with a high number of followings. Some influencers are celebrities, but not all are. Research influencers that can directly reach your target audience on a particular platform. For example, if your brand mainly attracts twenty-something who use Twitter a lot, then find an influencer on Twitter with followers from a similar demographic. Investing influencers is a highly effective strategy compared to many other forms of online promotion.

Get a Newspaper Article Written about Your Product or Brand

Legitimate media coverage can boost your brand’s search engine rankings, create more brand awareness, and generally obtain a seal of credibility that can be touted around online. Not all brands can get news coverage, however. If your brand creates something innovative, or is planning to do something game-changing, or in general has a great story to tell, issue a press release and contact a journalist. Your brand can get news converge with an interesting and newsworthy lede.

Use the above methods as required to promote your products and brands across the web. While doing so, don’t forget to collect data profusely. Use this data later to understand which tactics worked the best. Then your company can use the methods with the best ROI in future campaigns. Data can also help your business understand what may have gone wrong with a plan so that the same mistakes are not repeated again.

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