Moving house can be a big stress on the whole family. It involves a lot of planning, hard work, and boxes. Once you’ve finally moved it’s important to do everything you can to help the family feel settled and comfortable as quickly as possible. The transition phase can be tough, particularly when you’re swamped by the challenge of unpacking, but it’s crucial to keeping everyone feeling happy and well adjusted.

Make The Bedrooms Comfortable

Nothing’s worse than spending the first week in your new home trying to sleep surrounded by boxes. Focus on getting the bedrooms sorted on your first day so everyone can rest easily and recover from the exhaustion of the move. This is a great opportunity to seek out a new mattress brisbane to set up a comfortable sleeping space, and you can make the beds with everyone’s favourite sheets and bedding so they feel cosy and secure once the sun goes down.

Schedule Your Time

Unpacking can be seriously overwhelming, but staying organised will make the process much smoother. Set up a schedule for unpacking and set yourself breaks to relax and do something leisurely in between sessions to prevent yourself from catching moving panic fever. Work out which boxes are the top priority and start with them first, then gradually work your way down in order of priority. If you find yourself unpacking items that you don’t actually need or want in your new home, set up a storage box to re-pack them and store them somewhere safe until they’re needed.

Go For A Walk

It may seem silly when you’re surrounded by tasks to tackle, but going for a walk can be a great way to unwind and feel more settled in your new neighbourhood. Take the family out to wander around the area so you get a sense of where everything is. Look for local playgrounds that you can start visiting, shops that may come in handy, and areas that may make good walking spots for the family. You may even spot a neighbour or too, so it’ll be a good chance to introduce yourself and start meeting some new friends.

Put Sentimental Décor Up

Surrounding yourself with familiar images that remind you of home will help everyone feel more relaxed. Make it a priority to unpack your wall art, framed family photos and sentimental mementos so the space truly feels like home. You could also surround the family with scents that feel familiar by using scented candles or room sprays that you often used in your old home.

Help The Kids Settle In

Children tend to have the toughest time in the family when it comes to moving to a new home, particularly if the house is a long distance from the neighbourhood they’re accustomed to. Help them to feel more comfortable by setting up their room as soon as possible, getting their toys out so they can play, and taking a thorough tour of the house so they understand where everything is. Try to create an upbeat and positive atmosphere to help them feel excited about the move, rather than anxious and uneasy. Kids thrive under the usual routine, so aim to get things back to their normal schedule quickly after the move to create a feeling of normality and security.

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