Interestingly but not surprisingly, many youngsters are thinking of making their career in the world of mining, these days. This fact is not surprising because it is known to most people that the prices of metal and mineral resources are at their peak and will continue to rise for sure. But entering into this field without any prior knowledge can be like entering into the stock market without knowing the basics. Can you imagine the outcomes then? Well, here are mining facts that you must be aware of before looking for a perfect mining job for the first time.

Know the Possible Locations of Mining Jobs

One will say that the answer to this is obvious! Okay, most probably, the jobs are available in the mining areas of the mining nations. However, if you are not residing in a mining area, you will need to shift there and adapt yourself to its distinctive ambiance and weather. Such areas are typically remote and have characteristics such as high altitude, chilled climate, and desert/forest topography. If you wish to work in an underground mine, then expect darkness, heat, and noise. You must keep in mind that mining sites are not always pleasant to work with, although there are fair conditions available. This means you need to ready to face any condition at work. Apart from mining sites, you can also choose to work in a mining office in cities or towns. However, this depends on your qualifications and job profile.

Know Who Can Take Up a Mining Job

Do not be surprised to know that mining jobs are not formen only although the industry is historically dominated by males. However, the differences in pay may still be seen. Nevertheless, the scene is changing and much support is given to the professional development of females in the field worldwide. As per the latest statistics, women share around 20% of the workforce in Australian mines; while in Canada, the rise from 10% to 14% in over 10 years is significant.

Find Out Which Types of Skills are Required

As a matter of fact, the mining process has become so skilled with the latest technology due to which the employers need a much greater degree of skills. This is the main reason why there is more demand for the recently graduated students who have attended technical programs in the mining technology. So, a young guy who had just grabbed the job to learn new skills may not hold that much significance for the employer. Moreover, the latest schools and programs involved for mining are usually nestled in the mining areas. This means that the students explore the real environment and benefit from the professional training.

Know What Types of Jobs are Available

It is known that mining welcomes engineers and technicians more often. But this does not mean that these are the only posts available. In fact, the industry of mining has all types of jobs available, right from financial clerk to IT and from driver to secretarial.

The Mining Field is 24/7 Operative!

Unlike other jobs, mining ones are 24/7 active. This is the reason why miners work for as long as 10 to 14 consecutive days. Sometimes, a 12-hour shift can also come your way. The remote location itself makes it mandatory for some miners to stay there for months before returning home.

 Bio: Phillip Conway is a geodetic engineer who is right now involved in different activities related to mining. He has done some research on the mining industry and has gone some resources of Richard Fifer. He is available at @PhillipVConway or

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