As the expression goes, work is a four-letter word. Unless you’re one of those job-loving anomalies, you’re likely working for the paycheck like the rest of us. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones who have found themselves in jobs that are totally and completely boring but you have no way out now, you might have to develop coping mechanisms. There are things within your control that can make working more fun. Let’s face it, not all careers are created the same when it comes to the excitement factor. Need some inspiration? Read on for tips on how to make your boring job more enjoyable.

Socialize with Co-Workers

Some might say this is dangerous, as we all know people who have had one too many cocktails at the company’s holiday party. Overall, though, this is just a great way to get to know your coworkers outside of work. Try a monthly happy hour, a sports league, or something else you think your peers might like to do. Getting to know them outside of your job will make interacting them at work that much more enjoyable. A trusted cubicle or office mate that you can share some laughs with throughout the day can be your saving grace.

If the business culture you have right now is a bit stuffy and this kind of socialization hasn’t happened yet, be the one to initiate it. Your coworkers will likely thank you for it! This is what CEO Nick Evans did when he dreaded going into his first office job.

After a few months at my first post, I organized a company softball league that played games once a week,” Evans says. “We learned so much about each other from hanging out after the games that work became a place I enjoyed instead of loathed.”

Get Your Blood Pumping

Sure, a car nap, a phone conversation with an old friend, or simply lunch at your favorite restaurant can be great ways to spend your lunch break, but there are several benefits of taking a walk or getting some other form of exercise. Some might be hesitant because it’s often thought to be ineffective to get only a short workout, but studies have shown that brief but intense workouts can just as if not more effective than long ones.

“Research has shown that even just 15 minutes of exercise can net you nearly the same effects as 60 minutes of working out, if you increase the intensity,” says Phil Tyne, a former conditioning coach for the San Diego Chargers via WebMD.

Not only that, but when you return to your desk, you’re sure to have a more positive outlook on the rest of your work day.

Take Those Vacays

If you think you’re impressing the boss by passing over your vacation time every year, chances are he or she doesn’t even know. And if she does, she probably just wishes you’d taken it, as the fastest way to a burnt-out employee is having one who doesn’t take proper breaks. This is particularly true if your job is boring. Vacation time is there for a reason, so take it. And just like those lunchtime workouts, it’s likely to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the tasks at hand back at work.

Take Advantage of OTJ Training and Seminars

A lot of companies offer training in your field, other fields, and work/life balance seminars. Some even offer fun workshops on things like cooking, yoga, and other things you can apply outside the workforce. Again, don’t think you’re a bad employee if you step away from your desk to take advantage of these. They are there to educate and for enjoyment, so go for it!

Explore Your Options

If you truly find your current position boring, use your lunch breaks to research other opportunities either within your department, your company, or in another field altogether. We know you have bills to pay but you don’t want to stay in a work environment that makes you miserable for too long. This is soul-crushing and could give you bad feelings about having to work at all! Get your resume in shape, talk to other people in your field of interest, and then go for it.

Have a boring job? Join the club! You are certainly not alone but applying these tips could be a life-changer.

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