Does an office based job seem like a nightmare to you? Do you have a taste for adventure and excitement? If so you need a job that is fast paced and gives you an element of control. A helicopter pilot is a career that can offer you this and then some. How many people do you know that do this as their day job? You will have a different career that will not only make you proud but give you a lot to talk about. It is a job that is very rewarding. You will be able to travel to different places as well and see some fantastic sights.

Does this sound like fun to you? If so, you now need to embark on the path to achieve this glistening career. Before you seek the necessary helicopter pilot training you should determine whether you have the qualities to be a success in this field. It is better to find this out now rather than half way through your training. The first quality you need to have is dedication. This is not a career you can go into half heartedly. In addition to this, your concentration levels need to be high. If you are easily distracted then you will find being a helicopter pilot a big struggle. You also need to have good hand to eye coordination and spatial awareness. You should have effective communication skills and the ability to work just as well in a team as you can alone. And finally, you need to be calm whilst under pressure. Life is not going to be a bed of roses and you have to act quickly and effectively without getting stressed or flaky.

When establishing a career for yourself you will need to take the necessary helicopter pilot training in order to achieve your private pilot license (PPL). After this you will need to attain your commercial pilot license (CPL). Your PPL asserts that you can fly a helicopter, but you need a CPL in order to be able to turn this into a career and charge for your services. In order to get your PPL you will need a minimum of 45 hours flight time, 10 of these must be solo. In order to achieve your CPL you will obviously need your PPL. You will need to complete 155 hours of flying time. You will also need to pass the necessary theoretical knowledge exams and you will have to hold a CAA Class 1 medical. It is imperative that your fitness levels are of the highest level. This can be a physically demanding job; you need to be able to handle it.

Before this article concludes it is essential to delve a little bit deeper into what the job entails. It is not as simple as just getting in your helicopter and flying away. You will need to determine whether there are any restrictions to your route, such as weather trouble. You will also need to determine fuel requirements and maximum loads. And that’s without even mentioning all of the relevant safety checks.

If you have a taste for the dizzy heights then take a look at the different helicopter pilot training courses available on the internet today. Get your foot in the door of an exciting, rewarding and thrilling career.


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