There are many certifications that can ensure that a person is an expert in the field of network engineering. One of these certifications is the CNE: Certified Novell Engineer certification which is provided by Novell, a leading company in network engineering and management. Every CNE: Certified Novell Engineer is trained to do the best for the company that hires them and the engineers that clear the exam for this certification re the ones that have the most expertise in the field and are of the most use to companies. If a company wants a network engineer that has the ability to insure that the company’s network run smoothly with as low downtime as possible, then every single consultant would suggest hiring a network engineer that has a CNE: Certified Novell Engineer certification because it is just that good.

Preferred candidate profile

This certification is for every single person that is in the field of network engineering and wants to become a network engineer. People that want to be hired as network engineers in reputable and respected companies in the field should always go for a CNE: Certified Novell Engineer certification as it will ensure the fact that they get a job in one of the best companies in the field. A CNE: Certified Novell Engineer certification is one of the most celebrated and one of the most praised certifications which has the ability of pushing a network engineer to the top.

The registration process

The registration process is straightforward. All a person has to do in order to enroll them into the exam is to get hold of an application form, fill the application form, submit it and they are good to go. In order to get an application form, a person will have to either get an online application form which is to be filled and submitted online, or get a printable form which has to be printed, filled and then submitted. Both of these forms are available on the online website of Novell, which is the company that has published this certification.

Topics covered

This exam tests candidates on their knowledge of not only network engineering in general, but network engineering in the workplace and in a company, to be more specific. The exam covers each and every topic that network engineering includes. Basically, the exam covers network engineering as a whole.

Where to get preparation material from

For a certification like this one, obtaining standard and quality preparation material is no less than a huge feat. That is the reason why a person must try their best to obtain preparation material as soon as possible so that they get enough time to study using the material. Preparation material for this exam is available at many places, including Novell’s website and many other websites that provide exam preparation material and resources. A public library is also a good place to visit in the search for preparation material for this certification. The material a person gets will be less, but they will have to make the most out of it.


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