The current year is showing a lot of potential for the aspiring SAP professionals. Professionals looking for SAP contract jobs are likely to come across good opportunities keeping in view the availability of such jobs and the demand of qualified professionals.

What are the reasons for this requirement?

  1. Since big corporate and public sector ERP projects are expected to receive investment, the demand for SAP contract jobs will grow, as will the requirement for those who are capable to explain such applications to the users.
  2. The lack of skilled professionals in the Information Technology industry and a very few number of SAP jobs (permanent positions) advertised has made candidates to consider contract jobs. SAP is the most sought after skills in today’s IT sector due to the efficiency and expertise needed for these roles.
  3. Despite the huge demand for qualified SAP professionals, the annual average salary for all SAP professionals employed in permanent positions has not experienced an upturn. On the other hand, there has been a steady growth in pay for the SAP contractors.


What is the scenario of SAP contract jobs in the UK?

In recent times, the SAP market has seen a good turnover in the UK. Many large-scale companies and organisations are in search of competent SAP contractors. They are not very much interested in hiring candidates for permanent roles. There is a reason for that. When it comes to recruiting SAP specialists, they put stress on qualified and experienced candidates who can manage SAP projects ably and execute them within the set time-period. SAP contractors can accomplish that.

What is the eligibility criterion for SAP contract jobs?

The requirements for getting an SAP contract job are more or less the same as in the case of a permanent position. A degree in a technical field like Information Technology or computer science is the minimum educational qualification. Contract jobs demand more expertise. You can build up your expertise by pursuing advanced degrees like a master’s degree. Technical capabilities and business knowledge are also the essentials. Staying updated can help you in developing awareness of the latest technological and business developments.

As you will be working on SAP projects, SAP training and certification are the must. There are many institutions that conduct extensive training courses on SAP modules. Both online and classroom courses are available. SAP, the organisation, also runs training courses. There are different courses in various fields like software engineering, human resources and finance. You should select courses carefully considering the field you wish to work in and your career goals.

Along with these qualifications, you should possess the ability to deliver work within the proposed time period. Dedication, sincerity, diligence and a focused approach- these innate qualities are required to perform an SAP contract job.

How to look for SAP contract jobs?

If you are looking for contract jobs in SAP, consulting a recruitment company is the best idea. IT companies are steering clear of direct hiring since it is a time-consuming process. Candidate sourcing takes up a lot of time and resource. Searching eligible candidates in this competitive field (SAP) is a challenge which the organisations are not willing to handle themselves. Usually, large corporations contact recruitment companies to outsource their recruitment requirements.

You may register with a good online SAP recruitment company. Before you submit your resume, you must go through their terms and conditions. After you upload your resume, the company will examine your qualifications and skills in order to match them with a suitable contract job.

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