Your children might start wondering why you’re not going out of your house. They might even dislike the idea of studying at home. However, due to this pandemic, there’s no choice but to stay home. Children are vulnerable to the virus, and so are seniors. If they insist on going on a trip, these are the things you need to do.

Start planning with them

Planning as part of the trip. Try to plan with your children about where you’re going. Let them decide on some details. Make them feel that they’re a part of the process. The trip might not happen yet, but your children will feel excited about it. Tell them that when the time is right, you can make these plans a reality.

Explain what’s happening 

You should also make it clear to your children why you can’t go anywhere. Perhaps, they misunderstand the situation. Explain to them the current pandemic in terms that they will easily understand. You can also use graphics and animations to simplify the discussion. When they realize that staying at home is important, they won’t insist on going on a trip anymore.

Don’t get angry if they keep insisting

It might be frustrating if your children keep asking about going on a trip, especially if you already told them that you can’t. Even if you already feel exhausted explaining to them, you should control your emotions. Again, it’s not their fault they’re in the situation. It’s natural for them to ask. Let them know that you understand, and try to explain as often as possible until they realize what’s happening.

Agree with their feelings 

Your children are not the only ones who would like to go on a trip. You probably feel the same way. Tell them that you also want to go on a trip just like them, but you can’t do it right now. When they understand that you share the same feelings, they will feel better.

Have a staycation

You don’t have to go elsewhere to travel. You can make your home a perfect place for a vacation. You can also invest in a whirlpool bath so that your bathroom will be more conducive to a relaxing bathing experience. You can also buy new sheets and bedroom decorations so that your bedroom will look like a hotel room. If there are luxury houses for rent in the area, you can stay there for a night. A change in scenery would help. It’s also safe since no one will stay in the place except your family.

Hopefully, this pandemic will end so we can all go on a trip. While it’s not yet happening, you need to explain to your children and let them realize that being at home should be the priority. When we no longer face this pandemic, you can go to as many places as you want as a family. Nothing will stop your travel plans anymore.



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