Many homeowners complain about the lack of storage space in modern homes, particularly in the bedroom. One of the popular options today is to have a custom-made wardrobe. When you go for this storage solution, you can have a wardrobe built according to your specifications, which can fit your bedroom from floor to ceiling, with the right number of drawers, shelves, racks and hanging rails. The designer can turn small spaces and odd-shaped areas into functional storage spaces.

Advantage of a custom-made wardrobe

A custom-made wardrobe is built to fit the exact shape of your bedroom’s available space, which makes it more economical and spacious than freestanding clothes closets. You can have as much storage space that you need. The primary benefits include ample storage, functionality and elegance because the wardrobe becomes an integral part of the bedroom’s d├ęcor.

Things you should know

  • Fitted bedroomsgive you more freedom to choose a design and style that fit your preferences and requirements.
  • You can choose to have hinged doors, bi-fold doors, sliding doors or door panels with full-length mirrors inside or outside. Sliding doors are beneficial for smaller spaces where the distance between the bed and the wardrobe is minimal.
  • You can install smart lighting that automatically turns on when you open the wardrobe’s door. It is beneficial when the room is dark, as you do not need to find the light switch.
  • The number and variety of storage spaces inside the wardrobe will depend on your need. According to the items you own, the designer will match the drawers, shelves, racks, hanging rails, etc.
  • The size of the room is not an issue with fitted wardrobes. The designer can use all available space to come up with a seamless design that will provide you with organised furniture that will perfectly fit your budget, taste, and style.
  • A fitted wardrobe is an investment so choose wisely. Look at the variety of materials available. The highest quality would be those that are made from oak, maple or cherry. Some are made from medium density fibreboard, varnished wood, glass, melamine sided boards, and plywood.
  • A fitted wardrobe is not just for clothes. You can use it as a multipurpose storage space for other things, including shoes, games and sports equipment, and our favourite toys. You can also have one installed in other rooms in the house, including your dining room, home office, basement bedroom, or living room.
  • Preparation is key to the perfect fit. If you have the right skills and knowledge, you can measure your bedroom yourself. However, if you are working with a custom manufacturer, its representative can take the necessary measurements so they can prepare the right design that will accommodate the structural flaws of the room, such as uneven ceiling and floor level variations. Remove the carpet as a fitted wardrobe works best on hard floors.

The most vital thing to do is to find a furniture company that specialises in fitted wardrobes. Ask family and friends for recommendations or search online. Read consumer reviews and see if you can also find peer reviews, to ensure that your investment will be worth it.


Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-flat-screen-tv-turned-off-210265/


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