Child Support WorkerChild support workers aim at providing children a healthier and happier life. They offer necessary services to help homeless, abused, disabled and foster children. Such professionals are required to interact with children and their family members. They assess the requirements of each child and make the best decisions to give them a better life. If you possess a keenness for social activities and have great people skills, a career as a child support worker may be perfect for you.


A child support worker is assigned duties and responsibilities considering his or her experience. Tracing absent parents, establishing parenthood and securing child support compensation- these are some of the crucial responsibilities that you will be required to fulfil as a child support worker. You may require interacting with custodial and non-custodial parents of minor children. This is to make sure that both parents make settlements for their child’s welfare. Apart from these, this job role involves handling a lot of paperwork on a daily basis.

Educational background

Much emphasis is given on experience when recruiting child support workers. A high school diploma is the minimum requirement to apply for trainee social work jobs. A bachelor’s degree in sociology or social sciences is preferred by most employers. Sound knowledge in accounting and a paralegal degree may help you as well. The former will help you to process payments and determine arrear payments while the latter will aid you in writing legal documents.

Mathematical aptitude and a sound knowledge base in local, state and federal laws is an advantage for every aspiring child support worker.


In the career of a child support worker, interpersonal skills play a significant role to achieve success. In fact, they are the secrets to success in this field.

Along with the educational qualifications, you will require demonstrating strong interpersonal skills to achieve success. Good interaction skills will help you to communicate with children and their parents. At the same time, you must possess the ability to offer mental support to troubled people. Being resilient and assertive will help you to handle emotionally charged situations, deal with conflicts and conduct interventions. Having organisational skills will aid you to manage the payments properly. This is one of the chief duties you have to perform as a child support worker.

You should venture into this career only when you possess these innate characteristics. Self-analysis will help you to find out whether you have them or not.


According to the job market analysts, at the entry-level, a child support worker earns between £16,000 and £17,000. This salary range is for the diploma holders. Those having a bachelor’s degree and considerable years of experience can earn more- £19,000 to £30,000. Higher qualifications and related work experience work as advantages for finding a good employment opportunity.

Working conditions

Child support workers lead a hectic professional life. They are required to keep a track on several cases at a time and handle extensive paperwork. Such professionals have to work closely with the law enforcement department of their state, court personnel, witnesses for the case and the parents. Often, situations become stressful at work especially when communicating with people who become confrontational at times.

Therefore, working hours are unpredictable for child support workers. It is determined by the severity of a case.

Is there job satisfaction?

The life of a child support worker is characterised by challenges and stresses. Despite this fact, these professionals derive mental satisfaction that they are performing a noble job- improving the lives of children.

If you wish to dedicate your life to the betterment of children, this career may be the apt one for you.

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