Australia’s population is ageing. Analysists are predicting the amount of people aged above 65 to increase over the next five years by a staggering 18%. If that isn’t enough of an indicator, it is also suggested that in as much as thirty five years, the nation’s population aged over 85 years – currently 1% – will build exponentially to 5%, which is an astounding drive. As a result, qualified aged care providers are ever growing in demand, and the economic contribution it will bring to the country is substantial. At the moment, it’s a $20 billion+ industry, employing over 224 000 people, caring for over 270 000 elderly and disabled Australians. But again, this is just the start. In this blog, we explore how aged care has become one of the fastest growing industries in the country, and how you can get involved.

Certificate III in Individual Support – CHC33015

Are you someone with a social conscience? Do you want to see the direct fruits of your labour through changing the lives of people in need of help? Employment opportunities and openings are expected to flourish in the aged care industry in coming years, so it is important to consider how you can get involved to take advantage of this growth and fulfil your ambitions. A Certificate III in  Individual Support – CHC33015 will teach students how to work in residential facilities under supervision and organisational guidelines/service plans. Within the role, you will regularly:

  • Carry out activities to maintain personal care and/or other activities of living for people in an aged care setting
  • Carry out activities related to an individualised plan
  • Report directly to a supervisor and are not responsible for other workers.

Trades Recognition for Australian Qualifications

Do you have experience working in the Aged Care industry overseas? Looking to migrate to Australia? With standards varying around the world, different nations require their own, specific qualifications for workers to be deemed competent in various industries. Unfortunately, people see this as meaning they will have to retake costly and time consuming coursework in order to work in a new country. This is where Trades Recognition Australia can be of assistance. Trades Recognition is a skills assessment process that will review trade skills and experience gathered overseas, and apply them against Australian competency standards and qualifications, in order to assist with migration applications. The process essentially involves the compiling of a portfolio proving a candidate’s skill and knowledge within their field to be reviewed by an appointed assessor. For example, in the aged care industry, you could include previous qualifications, testimonials from previous employers, and even footage of you performing tasks.

Career Opportunities

The aged care industry is brimming with opportunities for a variety of engaging and rewarding roles.
These include:


  • Accommodation support worker
  • Field officer
  • Assistant in nursing
  • Home care assistant
  • Care assistant
  • In-home respite worker
  • Care service employees
  • Nursing assistant
  • Care worker
  • Personal care assistant
  • Community care worker
  • Personal care giver
  • Community house worker
  • Personal care worker
  • Community support worker
  • Residential care worker
  • Disability service officer (in some jurisdictions)
  • Support worker



Large industrial changes are coming within the next decade, with thousands more residential care places sprouting up and billions of dollars of investment being pumped into them. No matter what your dreams are, if you are looking to finish everyday knowing you have made a difference in someone’s life, then the aged care industry could be for you.



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